Zoomers- Mother Nature's Craziest Puppy Behavior!

It’s that time of the day again!
Is your pup racing around the house at top speed?
ZOOMERS is what we call it, and it’s a completely normal puppy behavior!

While Zoomers may seem like pure madness-


But nature designed young mammals perfectly. 
They explode with seemingly random movements
that lead to nothing in particular,
and get them nowhere special.


Only Mother Nature knows and she ain’t talking.

Observe a group of kindergartners
– Now imagine them as puppies –
Five year old humans spin until they fall down,
hop with enthusiasm and display no coordination
as they wave their arms and run in what could almost be called circles. Exhausted, they slump to the ground to
gaze up at clouds ready for a snack and a nap.

Zoomering is the joy of All young mammals and a natural part of growing up.


Do– Prepare twice daily for zoomers.


Don’t– Grab them, hold them, or try to make them stop. It never helps to hold a hurricane!

Sue Myles