When is a dog behavior actually a canine miscommunication?

Dear Dr. Sue

      We just adopted an older dog from the animal shelter and couldn't be happier. He's a good dog but we've encountered one small behavioral problem that I think may actually be fairly common in rescue dogs. When my seven -year-old son hugs him, our new dog gets tense and growls. He's never actually tried to bite, but I'm worried this could be a sign of future aggressive dog behavior. Otherwise he is always such a loving and sweet dog. What can we do?



   Growly Guy


Dear Growly Guy,

     Congratulations on your new addition!  Thanks for giving this dog a second chance. Now, let's give him the best chance.

      Dogs don’t like to be hugged. It's an anti-dog behavior. Sure, your human kid knows that hugging is an expression of love, but that's a human behavior, not a dog behavior. And here in lies our clash of cultures.

     Explain to your son that hugging makes a dog feel trapped. To a dog, a hug feels a lot like a neck hold. When your new pup struggles to escape this uncomfortable embrace, as is a normal dog behavior, your son tightens his hold (a normal kid behavior) thus making your dog nervous and uncomfortable, which is why he growls. It's a classic miscommunication between species. Your son just needs new and better ways to express affection and connect to his new pal.

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     I hope this helps you to understand your dog's behavior a big more clearly. More often than not, I find most of these "problems" tend to be less of a canine behavior problem and more of an inter-species miscommunication!



 Dr. Auntie Sue

Sue Myles