5 Christmas Cheers For Your Dog

puppy present.jpg
  1. 1. Feed 'em a feast. Split up his regular meal into three bowls. He'll think he's been served from the King's table. Sprinkle a bit o turkey on top and he's had a Christmas dinner, too

  2. Stink up his toys. Yes, buy him toys but before you wrap them up stink them up. Bury them in your laundry basket for three days. Now, when he opens his Christmas hedgehog, duck or elf it'll smell like you. A smell-like-my-owner toy becomes the favorite.

  3. Put up a tree and use your Leave It! training. Even a home with a pup can enjoy a tree. Put up that pungent pine or flocked fir, apply a little training and the ornaments survive. Tinsel might have to wait till that pup grows up.

  4. Tie a big red bow around his neck and show him off. Entertain your family and guests with Bitsy's amazing tricks and training. It's his Christmas too so let him be a star….just not the one at the top of the tree.

  5. Want to make a donation to dogs? Call your own pet's vet and tell Dr. Doolittle that you'll donate some dollars the next time a loving but cash strapped owner comes in with a sick pet of your favorite breed. Let's make the whole year merry for someone with a cherished pet that can recover.

Sue Myles