Give Your Dog A Gift That Really Stinks!


Got your dog a brand new toy?
A dinosaur that bleats or a hedgehog that squeaks?
Maybe a bug eyed sheep with little green feet?

How does your dog know it’s a dog toy? Can he read the label?
All you need to accomplish this literary feat is a laundry hamper.
Contrary to popular opinion all dogs are literate.
They read with their noses and insist that all popular dog novels
be prepared in an olfactory factory.

Stuff the new toy into the laundry hamper and let the bleating sheep marinate for a day before presenting it to your dog. Yes, a day long snuggle up with the socks makes the toy undeniably his. The dog’s motto, ‘he who has the most stink wins’ is written with invisible ink on all doggie foreheads.  The more an item is handled, worn or otherwise stunk up by humans the more valued it becomes to dogs. Yes, this is why  remotes are more likely to be chewed than the dictionary.

If dogs could bid on ebay underwear and socks would lead the chase. Pillowcases, those repositories of high stink hair oils, would also be sought after with doggie teeth bared. Shoes, glasses, wallets, and purses are all valued items in the stink parade. If you got the stink then you get the bids.

Plunge those new toys into the holder of all things laundry and watch how well your dog reads. He’ll be a speed chewer with a photographic nose memory for all the toys in his universe.

Sue Myles