Dr. Sue's Socialization Guide for Puppies

When it comes to socialization,

dog and cat.jpg

it isn’t just other dogs your pup needs to meet.


Socialization is a big, big
word in the land of puppies. 
Think of all the different experiences your dog will have
in her adult life -locations, noises, activities.
 That’s where to focus your lessons.




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Visit five new environments a week.

 Meet fifty kind and interested strangers each week.

All dog to dog interactions should be with leashed dogs of approximately the same size & age.


Puppies and Children

dog and child.jpeg

Good children make good puppies.

 Exposure to gentle, engaged and happy-to-meet-a-puppy children helps pups like kids.  Exposure to loud, chasing, cornering kids introduce fear in the pup’s world and can create kid-aggressive dogs.

Pick your pup’s company carefully.



Do –   Explore and enjoy safe places.

Teach your pup to be at ease away from home.

Start as soon as your vet gives the OK .


Don’t– Overwhelm a young pup with too much all at once.

Familiarize her to the world slowly, at her own pace .

Sue Myles