4th Of July Safety Tips From Auntie Sue

4th of july dogs.jpg

Got tags?

Scuttle down to the local pet store and use the razzle dazzle Make-A-tag machine. Get the new identification tag on the dog's collar now.  Lost dogs get home on the Fifth of July faster when other folks know you love him.


Take a drive. 

Put the dog in the car, turn up the volume on CD player then rip and roar. Tour the 5 Freeway. Enjoy the Disneyland fireworks as you zoom north then south. One year my noise phobic Border Collie and I spent five hours doing just this and both of us benefited. He liked the Beach Boys so Beach Boys we heard.


Turn it up. 

Blast the radio, CD player, television or whatever you got. Blunt the noise from fireworks with your own display of aural technology. Skip the 1812 Overture and go for early John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot.


Drugs are for everyone. 

Yes, it's legal. Your veterinarian can help you and Snookers get through the weekend safely.  Lots and lots and lots of dogs sleep through the Fourth and never start a life of addiction. Don't delay! The day of thunder and lightning in the sky is..... here!


Shut the windows. 

Seems obvious, but an open window becomes an escape hatch for a panicky pooch. Shut 'em then bolt 'em.


Stay home.

     Just 'cause the in-laws invite you to their Holiday Shebang doesn't mean you have to go. Nothing comforts a terrified dog more than the comforting presence of you.

Make sure your dog has access to a hiding space. 

     Invite him to scrunch himself into the back of the closet where the battlefield sounds are muted. Many a dog has gotten through the Fourth wrapped around the toilet.
It's a comforting, grounding experience for the faint of heart dog...
and all dogs are faint of heart on the Fourth!

Sue Myles