Play & Train With A Game Called "Cues & Consequences"

It's the new dog training game!
Learn to play cues and consequences where your pup's a winner, each and every round.


We can dissect training to its most basic form with just these two elements.

What's the cue and what's the consequence after the cue?

A cue is a command/stimulus/verbal or hand gesture. A consequence is what happens after the dog responds to the cue. Consequences can be happy or unhappy.


To get you warmed up for the first round here's an example of Cues and Consequences.

Sparky is hanging out, off leash and unrestrained, in the garage while his Dad putters about. Sparky hears a dog coming down the sidewalk (Cue) Sparky dashes out the open garage door and engages with the dog.  (Consequence) Sparkly likes engaging with dogs. Thus, Sparky had a happy consequence following the cue and his action. Dad is actively training Sparky to run out the garage and engage with dogs at the sound of tags, paws moving etc.


That night, Sparky greets his Dad by jumping up on him. Dad pets Sparky and tells him what a good boy he is. Now, Dad's arrival (Cue) is followed by jumping up. Sparky likes to jump up on Dad. He gets love, pets and affection when he does. (Consequence) Now, Dad is actively training Sparky to jump up by giving Sparky a happy consequence for jumping up.


Sparky is a smart guy. He observes the cue and experiences the consequence. Sparky is only following the training Dad offers. Dogs are willing partners in the cues and consequence game. It is up to us to notice and understand what our pets learn.


Otto is owned by a Dad who is attentive. Otto's Dad says "Sit" (Cue) holds a little treat over Otto's head and patiently waits. (No blabbering “SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT”) Otto relaxes his knees and plops his bottom to the ground. Dad says "Good boy!' and pops a treat into Otto's mouth. (Consequence) Otto connects the cue "Sit" with the happy consequence of a treat after the bottom plop.


Otto, out on a walk with tuned in Dad, sees another dog on the sidewalk. (Cue) Otto lunges away from Dad's side. Dad scolds Otto in a firm, no nonsense tone. (Consequence) The next time Otto sees a dog on the sidewalk, the same cue, Otto stays at Dad's side to avoid the unhappy consequence of hearing his Dad scold him.


Sparky and Otto are both loved pets. But, I bet Sparky is headed for a life of the hooligan while Otto speeds ahead to win his next game of chess.


Yours in cues and consequences,

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Sue Myles