Welcome Home Puppy!

Bringing Home a New Puppy?

Make the initial meet 'n' greet and the ride home as smooth as a Beagle's coat.

Here's what Dr. Sue recommends-

 Pack a 'puppy pick up bag' with the following items in it.

     Paper Towels.  

Pups might upchuck, pee, poop or drool their first ride home.

     Moist baby wipes/toilettes.

Your hands might need a wipe off after the above eruptions

     Water Bowl

 to pour fresh water into.

     Frozen water?

You bet. The night before, fill an empty cottage or yogurt container with water. Put it in the freezer. Take it with you as a solid but melting water source. Easy to carry and much less spill-able.

     Poop bags or baggies.

You can figure out why….

     Towels the size of your pup.

You'll need it on your lap, where the pup can ride, to protect your clothes from sudden puppy explosions.

     The cutest stuffed toy you can buy.

Present it to the pup as a 'boy am I glad to have you!' and he'll love it all his life.

     Tube of Neosporin and some band aids.

Your pup might have sharp nails and I know he has sharp teeth.

     Dry biscuits/Milkbones.

If your pup came from Tennessee he's had a long flight from the holler. Even a car ride from Temecula goes better with a small snack. You, too!


What clothes are best to wear when picking up a new puppy? 

Old ones. Save your best bib and tucker for the pictures the next day. Your pup will look refreshed after a night's sleep (maybe you will…or you won't…) and you can be all spiffed up, then.


What does your pup want to hear in the car? 

Your voice(s). Sing silly songs and use his name. Sing lullabies in his ear. Just sing away! Not a singer? Play the radio on a country station. Country has the most steady rhythmic beat to soothe your pup.

No talk radio, rap or Stravinsky. Play oboe concertos to insure an artistically gifted and extra intelligent pup.



How to take a rest break with a new puppy?

 If your pup has not been on a leash before, and most likely he has not, you'll have to do potty stops with great care.

Either put a leash and collar on him and hope for the best, or, make a human ring around him so he can pee but not scamper off.



Now what?

Ok, he's home and wide eyed at the sight of the grand home, grand in love and affection, that awaits him.

Give him a day or two to recognize you as his super-duper-special people before he meets the neighbors. A stable foundation that tells him who his 'tribe' is creates a more secure pup.


And of course, enroll your tyke in the first available puppy class with me! 

Now that he's home, loved and settled in let's teach him manners that makes him the best on the block.


With Love,

Dr. Sue

P.S.- Text or email me your puppy's first pictures. I love to see my little students on arrival!

Sue Myles