What's In Your Dog's Rainy Day Go Bag?

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Every doggie owner needs a take along bag when Poochie goes for an outing.  
What's in your Rainy Day Bag?
Here's Auntie Sue's recommendations.


  1. Shower curtain.
    Yep, a plastic shower curtain spread out on damp grass, wet ground at the local coffee shop or wet asphalt keeps the damp off the dog. Put a towel atop the shower curtain and you've got a dry, and comfy, pet lounging at class.

  2. Old but useful hand towels.
    Wipe paws before Poochie hoists himself on your leather car seats and a happier day you'll have.

  3. Old bath towel.
    Got caught in the rain? Use the big towel for the body and you'll have less 'wet dog smell' circulating in the car.

  4. Extra bag of kibble.
    Tuck that in the bottom of the bag away from inquisitive noses. Unplanned traffic? Dog can have a snack and not become a whining, nudging, pacing in the back of the car pest.

  5. Extra leash.
    Leashes get dragged through mud. An extra, clean one keeps your rainy day drier.

  6. Small umbrella.
    A bit of a bumbershoot keeps the rain off the dog's head making it more likely he'll pee and poop outside. Especially the English setters, Cockers and Bulldogs.


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See you all next weekend,
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Auntie Sue

Sue Myles