Dear Auntie Sue- What's a Zoomer?

Got A crazy puppy on your hands every night?

Welcome to the wonderful world of ZOOMERS!


Dear Dr. Auntie Sue,

This is Bailey-  your funny, happy puppy student.

I like to go nuts and fly around the house in the morning and evening.

I especially like to race around the living room and then jump at my humans when they try to corral me. Whee! I love to act like a crazy dog in the evening.

My humans think I've lost my mind or something.
But I just like to fly!

Can you tell my humans about this?

I would but they don't listen.

Dear Bailey,

It's a zoomer! All young mammals have a period in the day when they lose control and their minds. Puppies knock over furniture or small humans, tear up the curtains and carom off the couch during a zoomer. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's normal and when they were young your humans did it, too. You will outgrow your zoomer when Nature says that you should and not one moment before.

Tell your humans to either join in or pick up the breakables including the small human. I hope they join in; it's so much fun to rip at the carpet alongside your human or swing from the drapes with them, too. Some humans are stuffy and no fun at all. If you have those kind of humans feel pity for them 'cause they ain't got a zoomer left in them.

You'll grow up and leave your Zoomers behind. Every dog does. Your humans are only upset 'cause they don't know that the tincture of time cures just about everything. 

Ever'one Zooms!

With Love,
   Auntie Sue

Sue Myles