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Come When Called

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This class pairs perfectly with my

distraction Prevention Training Course.

In an emergency situation, can you trust your dog to always come when called?

This intensive 3 week course is designed to teach your dog the magic password that will have them running right to you every time.

 this course can be a life saver for any emergency you can imagine.

Every dog needs this training!

Just ask Jan and her dog Lily-

Hi Sue -

I want to share an experience I had with Lily today - that nearly brought me to tears - and the extreme relief I had that her training kicked in from the Come When Called class.

She was pretty successful during her training and I have continued to use the whistle to call her into the house when she is dawdling outside, even though she is just in my backyard.

However, today I had the fright of my life. I apparently had not closed my front door completely after getting my mail. I went into the kitchen for something and when finished, came out to discover the front door wide open and no Lily. Frantic, I went to get her leash and picked up the whistle and ran out of the house screaming her name and blowing the whistle. As you may recall, I live on a corner and had no idea which direction she ran.

Thankfully, Lily heard the whistle and turned right around and started running as fast as she could to me. I stood in the middle of a frequently busy street to be sure no cars were coming - fortunately none were. When she got to me I didn't know whether to be mad at her or give her a big hug. Of course I gave her big hugs!

I want to thank you for teaching us this valuable technique. Lily was so far out of my sight that I never would have found her were it not for using the whistle. I cannot thank you enough for potentially helping to save her life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jan and Lily (I really am a fast-running basset!)

A Doggy Tale in 3 Acts

Act I

Orion’s favorite friend, Ozzie the miniature Aussie, shows up at the front garden gate.  It is open because it is Thursday and the gardeners are here.  Ozzie barks to get Orion and Frances’ attention.  Frances grabs some treats for Ozzie and edges her way out of the small front-door doggie gate so Orion can’t slip out. 

Act II

Orion, being extremely quick and agile, shoots past Frances at the front-door gate, past Ozzie at the garden gate, makes a sharp right, and is headed down the street at full speed.  Frances, now horrified that Orion is once again loose and moving way too fast for her to even get to the garden gate, is frozen for a few seconds thinking about what to do.


Then the Sue Myles Emergency Response kicks in.  Frances calls the emergency password, at the top of her voice.  But Orion by now is half way down the block.  What happens next is astounding.  Orion does an instant 180 on 2 paws, and races back toward the gate.  He blasts past Ozzie at the garden gate and into the waiting-arms of treat-rewarding Frances.


Sue predicted that one day Orion would be known by a new name:  ‘Orion Who Runs Like the Wind Back to Frances.’  That day has finally arrived!!!