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Please be aware- You will need to provide your own doctor's note stating your need for an ESA dog, or, I can provide you with an online source at your own expense. I do not provide a doctor's note. A vest is not required for an ESA. However, if you want to buy and use one you will need to do so at your own expense.

Breed restrictions do apply.

My insurance does not allow me to have certain breeds and mixes in class.


Your dog must be non- aggressive to other dogs and humans.

Please have your dog reasonably trained to be able to do a sit, lie down, walk at your side, come and stay while on leash.

If your dog has not had formal training classes please enroll in my Family Pet classes and I'll see you in the ESA class, later.

Trying to pass an untrained dog off as an Emotional Support Dog by simply slapping on a fake vest is possible- but it’s a bad idea. (and bad karma!)

Don’t wait to be found out and kicked out.

Get your friendly dog well trained as a Certified Emotional Support Dog and enjoy all the benefits with true peace of mind.

FAQ’s About Emotional Support Dogs

What is an Emotional Support Animal? 

(ESA) Emotional Support Animals offer comfort to humans in need of emotional support under stressful situations. They are not Therapy or Service Dogs. They are specifically trained to be your emotional buffer.

Can an ESA fly in the cabin of a plane for free? 

Yes. And taking a real, well trained ESA dog on the plane and in the airport makes you welcome. Board a plane with a quiet, calm and trained pet, not a nuisance. Ill mannered, untrained pets masquerading as ESA dogs are removed from the airport under the new and stricter airline regulations. Some airlines are now requiring signed documents stating your ESA Dog has had special training. These are provided at the end of the five week class for dogs who succeed in passing the graduation test. Dogs who do not pass are welcome to repeat the class.

Is a trained ESA eligible to waive pay pet rent at my apartment? 
Yes. Real, trained ESA dogs can be admitted to no pet apartments and pet rent is waived.

The ESA Training and Certification class offers training specific to ESA dogs.

You are welcome to bring a clicker trained dog to class, but, we do not use them in this training. Your clicker trained dog needs to be able to be in public without using a clicker; I'll teach you how.

Private, Expedited ESA training is available. Please email me for immediate help