Family Pet / Intermediate Class
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This class also pairs well with my 3 week

Emergency Response-

Come When Called Training.

Take both at the same time!

Emergency Response - Come When Called Training
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My dog has a basic foundation of training- can I skip the puppy class and go straight to Family Pet?

     You are the best judge of your dog's knowledge and ability level. However, if it seems your dog may need a refresher, I reserve the right to move your dog to the puppy/beginner class as needed. 

Should I bring my dog wearing their prong or shock collar?

     I do not use shock, pinch or choke collars. I will teach you other communication tools that are easy to use, readily accepted by your dog and effective. Dog training my way is based on understanding a dog’s individual personality and showing the dog, in ways that he can understand, what  we require of him. Patience, kindness and physical comfort count for a lot. 

What days to you offer both the Family Pet Class & Come When Called Training?

    I teach all 3 of my group classes - Puppy, Family Pet, & Come When Called - on Sundays in Costa Mesa. But you are also welcome to take one of my Wednesday or Thursday Training classes while attending Come When Called Training on Mondays. It really depends on your dog's attention span- can they focus through 2 straight hours of training or is it best to split it between two days?

Family Pet Class

This Class Is Step 2 On Your Path Of Becoming An AKC Canine Good Citizen

      In this 5 week, one hour a week course I teach your dog pal obedience skills and manners you'll use every day.

 The training method is my personal Force Free System. This successful, gentle system, used since 1979 on thousands of pets just like yours, is different from 'standard' training offered by less experienced trainers or those employed at a franchise or pet store.  I created the Force Free system which appeals to both ends of the leash. It's easy, fun and beings  fast results.

  I do not use clickers. I do use food rewards appropriately to help your dog love training. My reward based, Force Free training using interesting, creative training techniques creates quick changes in your pet's behavior.  My Force Free System sets the standard for kind, positive reward based training.

   My Force Free training system  does not cause pain or fear. I do not hit, scream at, jerk on a collar or roll the dog on his back. I do not teach 'dominance training.'  

 I teach dogs to love and trust their owners with smart, kind training that benefits both ends of the leash.

Please use the harness(es) or Head Collars here in class. 

I do not use choke collars and would rather you did not use pinch collars. Currently use a pinch or choke collar? Come to class and we'll find more comfortable, and effective, equipment.

I do not use shock collars. Other trainers may call them e collars, tickle collars, reminder collars etc. These are 'weasel words' to make the use of shock more palatable to pet owners. Shock collars, and the mentality that comes with it, has no place in teaching pets manners and obedience skills.

In this class we learn-

  • Advanced training on Sit, lie down, stay, come and leash walking.

  • Sits on right and left sides

  • Down - Stay for three minutes

  • How to get your dog to pay attention to you

  • Come from a distance

  • Silent/hand commands

  • Finish (go to home base)

  • Walk at your side without pulling.

  • Sit and stay at your side without darting forward

  • Walk past other dogs without lunging out to say hello


Plus Humane/ effective solutions for -

  • tugging on the leash

  • Jumping Up

  • Barking

  • Ignoring You

  • Selective Listening

  • Dashing out the door

  • Grabbing treats