When it comes to private training, there are a number of questions I seemed to be asked fairly frequently.

I’ve put together this FAQ’s page to give owners a better idea of what to expect when it comes to my private training programs.

Why is your private dog training more expensive than other trainers?

My fee reflects my extensive education when it comes to dog training - with a Ph.D in canine behavior and psychology as well as my forty years of experience solving complex behavior problems in pets, I have a larger storehouse of experience, successful techniques and methods than most other trainers. In addition, I pioneered the force free, positive reward only, puppy training method now used by many trainers in Orange County.

What guarantee do you offer when it comes to in home training? 

I guarantee that I will agree to only arrange appointments when I strongly believe there will be success. I guarantee that I am smart, kind, creative and have successfully solved a wide variety of pet problems in various ways for over forty years.

If you purchase multiple in home sessions and decide my style of training is not for you, I will be happy to refund any unused sessions.

What follow up do I get after a session?

You can enjoy unlimited follow up, via text and email, for a week after your session. I am happy to clear up any questions about your dog and want to ensure that you and your dog are a success

If I decide I didn’t like my session, can I ask for a refund?

While I will refund any prepaid, unused sessions - I do not offer refunds on sessions that have already been completed. You’re welcome to come observe one of my group session classes (please leave your pup at home) to get a sense of my teaching style prior to setting up a home visit.

Please use my contact me page to schedule.

How do I know I will get my money's worth?

If you follow my training program, which will be individually designed just for you and your pet, you will see a noticeable level of improvement in the first session. That being said, the majority of dogs will require several sessions in order to reach the level of achievement desired. It took your dog months and in some cases years to develop these bad habits and potentially deep seated problems and will require more than one visit to correct. Think of your dog’s education much like a child’s, they start off learning the basics of colors, letters, and shapes but given time, attention, and a proper education - before you know it - they’re reading, writing, and doing math problems even we can’t understand!

Do you leave written instructions or an education plan for me to follow?

Because all of my private training is personalized as needed during the session, I do not. You are encouraged to take notes as you wish, including on your cell phone, and are welcome to unlimited follow ups via text or email for one week following your session.

I have a list of things I want to teach my dog. Can you fit them all into one session?

Loving and concerned owners may have expectations that cannot be successfully met in one session.

Remember- Rome wasn’t built in a day and quality training can’t be expected to last the test of time in just one session.

We can review your list together at the first session and create an achievable timeline for everything you’d like to cover.

I already know what is wrong with my dog. He just has separation anxiety. Can't you come for a short visit and tell me how to fix it?

I have 40+ years and a Ph.D when it comes to diagnosing and understanding dog behaviors, so I can confidently tell you, when it comes to treating psychological issues complete progress cannot be expected from one short session. We need to retrain you, retrain your dog, and lay the ground work to heal what trauma caused the problem(s) in the first place. Caring for a dog with psychological issues- be it separation anxiety, Canine PTSD, or aggressive tendencies - requires a commitment to long term treatment.

My dog is a rescue- can I have a discount?

Just like a pediatrician does not offer a discount for an adopted child, a rescue dog deserves the same quality of care that a non rescue dog gets.

Have I missed your question? Shoot me a message and I’ll get in touch at my earliest opportunity.

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