Interactive Therapy Dog Games

Interactive therapy dog games

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Therapy Dog Training - Level 1
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Therapy Dog Training & Certification - Level 2
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You've introduced the dog, visited with the patient…now what?

Learn some easy to take along interactive games/tricks to include and entertain your audience/patient.

Increase the connection and bond with your patient. All props are easy to carry and take along on your visits.

Learn these games/tricks I used with my own Collie Therapy Dogs in my programs.

Here's a few of the activities you'll teach your Therapy Dog to do with patients or you

Which hand? Your patient knows the secret. Does the dog?

What color is the sky?  Teach your dog to indicate colors in response to questions.

Counting. Ask your dog a counting question and get the right answer every time. (as long as you can add and subtract)

Reading. Yes, your Therapy Dog can read real words. Let him make you proud

Scent games. Therapy dogs using scent can interact with patients in unusual and emotionally important ways


Activities can be modified for patients in beds, wheelchairs, limited mobility etc.

Interpersonal activities with you, the humans, & interacting with the patient are introduced.


Prerequisite -

Non-aggressive dogs only.

Dogs are welcome in this class before or after enrollment in Therapy Dog Level 1 or Therapy Dog Level 2.