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Fetch it up, Pup!

What is it? 

 A 3 week class to teach your pet to fetch (retrieve). Not all dogs are natural retrievers but all can be taught to retrieve.

What do I need? 

A friendly and hungry dog. No prior training required (although it sure helps) The JFF Fetch class uses only positive training. No corrections. Food is used to reward your dog and a hungry dog learns much faster. Dogs should not be fed before class.

How does my dog benefit when he can Fetch? 

Once your dog Fetches exercising him is a breeze. He can run after thrown objects while you sit in a chair. A Fetching dog is lots more attentive to you and his attention span lengthened, too.

When can my dog start? 

Dogs of any age can enroll. Puppies lacking Puppy/Beginner class will learn but not as fast s those dogs with prior training.