Rescue Dog Rehab & Problem Solving
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This group class offers all of the insight offered in my private training problem at a fraction of the $2,000 private training price. Space in this class is limited to ensure each dog receives the individual attention they deserve.


My dog has attacked several dogs. Is this the right class for him?

No. Dogs with a severe level of aggression are too high a liability for this class.

My rescue is terrified of all people. He came from a hoarder. Will he improve with this class?

Yes. Dogs with no exposure to people slowly gain confidence in this class.

My dog is fine at the dog park but barks and lunges at other dogs when he is on leash. If I take him off the leash he runs up to other dogs and is fine. Will this class help him?

Yes. The 'dog park' syndrome is common and I have solutions.

 My dog is fine with dogs except small ones. Will this class solve this problem? Will there be small dogs in class?

I can help you and your small dog disliker. Even without small dogs in class I can give you solutions.

  My dog barks and will not stop when he sees other dogs. I don’t want to be embarrassed in class.  Can you help me?

Yes. Barking is common with the dogs who come to this class. You are among friends and we'll work it out.

 I use a shock collar on my dog to train him. But I want to socialize him with other dogs. Can I use the shock collar in class?

No.  I do not use shock collars to train pets. I can give you alternatives that are more humane and more effective.

 Rescue Dog Rehab
& Problem SOlving

This class is designed for Rescue Dogs & Dogs who need specialized training not addressed in Family Pet Class.

Learn psychological methods of creating a bond with your rescue, which equipment is safe and humane, handling skills and basic manners.

My Ph.D is in Trauma in Dogs and I have a deep understanding of how Rescue Dogs should be handled, trained and managed.

Together we solve common problems for rescue dogs including-

  • Separation anxiety

  • Introducing your rescues to visitors to the home

  • Fear of men, strangers and children

  • Anxiety and reactivity around dogs

  • What to do when a dog aggresses toward you and your pet

  • Lunging at other pets passing by on a walk

  • Adjusting to other pets at home

  • Understanding Dog Body Language

  • What to do when people approach you in public

Is your dog aggressive toward dogs or people?

Before enrolling in this class, please email me at and let's decide individual ways to make this class a success for you. I will excuse from class any dog that I deem too aggressive for creating a safe environment.

Please email me & we can make a plan together.