Rescue Dog Rehab
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 Common Problems & Rescue Dog Rehab

Learn psychological methods of creating a bond with your rescue,
which equipment is safe and humane, handling skills and basic manners.
My Ph D is in Trauma in Dogs and I have a deep understanding of how
Rescue Dogs should be handled, trained and managed.

Together we will work on common problems for rescue dogs including-

  • Separation anxiety

  • Fear of men, strangers and children

  • Anxiety and mild reactivity around dogs

  • leash pulling/lunging

  • Adjusting to other pets at home

  • Basic Manners

This class is designed for Rescue Dogs & Dogs who need extra training with behaviors not addressed in Family Pet Class

Is your dog aggressive to dogs or people?
Please email me at and let's decide individual ways to make this class a success for you. I will excuse from class any dog
that I deem too aggressive for creating a safe environment.
Please email me so we can make a plan together for your pet