JustForFun Agility

JustForFun Agility


What is it? 

Just For Fun Agility is a 5 week class for pet owners and pets they love. Obstacles and jumps are designed to exercise both the body and brain of both ends of the leash while providing a safe, enjoyable and injury-free experience. JFF Agility challenges your dog each class meeting by introducing new obstacles for your dog to master.

Is JFF Agility safe? 

Humans and dogs in less than the best physical shape are welcome.  Got a bum knee, back, neck or even an elbow? No need to miss out. JFF Agility is for  fun and bonding with your best pal, not getting on the competition circuit. Class is taught on grass inside a fenced in area.

What do I need? 

A friendly dog. No prior training required (although it helps). All be sure to bring your dog's favorite treats- JFF Agility is positive only training.

Does Agility teach my dog to listen better? 

Yes. JFF Agility emphasizes listening skills as well as exercise for your dog. JFF Agility is for fun not competition. Teach your dog, off leash, to listen and follow your training.

Can my dog earn a Title? 

Yes. Your dog can earn the JFF Agility Dog Title at the Companion Dogs by Sue Myles Dog Sports Competition held Summer and Fall. JFF Agility uses European Agility rules not American Kennel Club.

 " In my practice I saw many dogs with injuries, some needing surgery, from standard Agility classes. Pets enjoy JFF  Agility without injury in Sue's class. It’s a lot of fun as well as real training." Dr. Don Lundholm, DVM
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Dog Sports Classes are $149.00 for a 5 week session.
Classes are for non-aggressive dogs and non-aggressive humans.

Special Note: 
All training, both classes and Home Visits, are done on a best efforts basis. Your willing participation and ability to follow my instructions are critical to your success with your pet.