Distraction Prevention Training

Distraction Prevention Training


What is it? 

A 3 week class to teach your dog to seek out and find hidden treasure. No movement required from you! Play this game from your armchair as your dog uses his nose. Your dog is not on leash nor do you follow behind him as we do in the Tracking class. Play this game in your pajamas in the living room.

What do I need? 

A friendly dog. Dogs with physical disabilities including blind dogs welcome. Puppies welcome. NO prior training required.

Does NoseWork tire my dog out? 

Yes. One benefit of NoseWork is that your dog becomes contentedly tired. Using his nose makes his brain calm and he'll be a contended couch potato after a NoseWork game. JFF NoseWork, like JFF Tracking, lengthens attention span and increases concentration.

What kind of scents will my dog nose for? 

Anyone you want. No restrictions. JFF NoseWork allows for individual differences and preferences of the dog and the owner.

Can my dog earn a Title? 

Yes. The JFF NoseWork Title is achieved at the Summer and Fall Companion Dogs by Sue Myles Dog Sports Competition. JFF NoseWork uses European Agility rules not American Kennel Club.

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Dog Sports Classes are $159.00 for a 3 week session.
Classes are for non-aggressive dogs and non-aggressive humans.

Special Note: 
All training, both classes and Home Visits, are done on a best efforts basis. Your willing participation and ability to follow my instructions are critical to your success with your pet.