JustForFun Tracking

JustForFun Tracking


What is it? 

Teach your dog to use his nose to track and find a treasure. Tracking lengthens your dog's attention span and increases his concentration. Follow along on the mysterious process as he follows an invisible trail with only his nose to guide him. You'll encourage but no corrections, ever. Tracking is a positive only training.

What do I need? 

A friendly dog. No prior training required. Puppies, older dogs and dogs with limited physical capabilities are welcome. A Harness (no neck or head collars)  Lots of water for the dog.

Can Tracking help dogs with Separation Anxiety? 

Yes. Because Tracking is an activity where the dog works independently from the owner anxious, fearful dogs become more calm and confident.

Do I need waterproof boots and a big coat? 

Nope. All you need is your regular footwear. (Class is taught on grass in the morning) You don’t need to be an athlete. You'll be walking at your dog's pace on grass.

Can I get a Title for my Dog? 

Yes. Earn a JFF Tracking Dog Title in the Companion Dogs by Sue Myles Dog Sports Competitions held Summer and Fall.

Tracking is the newest Dog Sport. Be the first on your block to have a Tracking Dog and a Title.

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Dog Sports Classes are $195.00 for a 5 week session.
Classes are for non-aggressive dogs and non-aggressive humans.

Special Note: 
All training, both classes and Home Visits, are done on a best efforts basis. Your willing participation and ability to follow my instructions are critical to your success with your pet.