Single Session Intensive Training


Single Session Intensive Training

from 100.00

Join me for a 60 minute private one-on-one session at any of my 3 convenient class locations. Choose your subject and away we go!

Please E-Mail Me to schedule your training appointment.


No More Leash Pulling

Teach your pet to walk not drag. Easy to learn techniques without a choke or pinch collar. 


The Perfect Puppy Package

Potty Training

Learn practical, easy to use techniques to get that pooch finally potty trained. Crates are not required.  Be sure to get your copy of my book- Pee Free! 10 Simple Steps- That Really Work!- To Potty Train Your Puppy. Now available on Amazon's Kindle.


No More Puppy Biting

Teach your new bundle of joy to keep his teeth to himself. Force- free methods that are not taught by other trainers or other training books.

Be sure to also pick up a copy of my book- Ouch! 10 Simple Steps- That Really Work!- To Stop Your Puppy's Biting.


Ask Dr. Sue

Got a dog problem? I've got the answer. Bring a folding chair and your dog (Non aggressive to people and dogs only) and solve em! Class outlines the reasons why your dog behaves badly and what you can do about it.


No More Jumping Up

Geddown! Got a dog that jumps up? Train your dog to stop jumping up on you and other people.



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