Prefer to LEarn At Home?


I offer private training (for both dogs & their owners) in the comfort of your own home- just pick your subject and let's get to work! 

What's often misconstrued as canine behavior problems can usually be attributed to a simple case of miscommunication- owner says "sit!", dog sees "let's play!" and neither end up with the result they were hoping for. This is where I come in- it's my job to bridge the gap between owner commands and canine understands, so everyone ends up on the same page.

I'll come to your home and away we go! Choose just one private in home training session to start or take advantage of discounting pricing when you purchase a multi visit package.

You can also add in home training visits to compliment or build off of what you're currently learning in my group training class as well!

Contact me and let's make a plan!

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