The SPort Dog Program


Want to burn some energy off?

Keep your dog fit and trim?

The Sport Dog Program is for you.


     This private program includes NoseWork, Fetch, Tracking and Agility*. Learn all four Sport Dog activities that exercise your pet in natural ways. He'll use his nose to Track through your yard or park, leap hurdles and run through tunnels with Agility, race after anything you toss and Fetch it and learn the NoseWork game to fatigue his brain and calm him down.

Want to split the cost?

     Invite your dog loving friends and let's make a neighborhood class taught in your backyard or park! Non aggressive dogs only please.


Email me and let’s get running!

*Agility requires a lightweight, portable and affordable set purchased by you at

Don't want to include Agility in your program?

We'll include Brain Games instead!