Archer - A (Former) Howling Karaoke Singer

Archer loooooooves to sing - problem is, his family didn’t necessarily love listening to his cover of their favorite songs. For years, he'd howled along with any music he heard. The owners, when I met them, either hid in their bedroom with the door closed to listen to music, used ear buds or lived in a silent home.

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Sue Myles
Hogan - A (Former) Traumatized Rescue Dog

This sweet guy is a shining example of success! He started his first Companion Dogs group class completely shut down. With zero eye contact and his body completely rigid, Hogan was not happy to be there- to say the least. Fast forward to now and he's the star of the show! Hogan loves coming to learn-  he interacts with all his classmates and has graduated from my ELITE class. Hogan, my boy, I am SO proud!

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Arthur - A (Former) Biting Dog

  It wasn't that Arthur was necessarily a "bad" dog - His own fear was simply misunderstood by his humans. After biting a neighbor, his family knew it was time to call a professional dog trainer.

     Together, with Arthur's parents, we worked through a 6 week program designed to not only help Arthur become less fearful, but also to help his family better understand how to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

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