Archer - A (Former) Howling Karaoke Singer

Meet Archer-

Archer loooooooves to sing - problem is, his family didn’t necessarily love listening to his cover of their favorite songs. For years, he'd howled along with any music he heard. The owners, when I met them, either hid in their bedroom with the door closed to listen to music, used ear buds or lived in a silent home.

They'd been through a dog trainer or two who misdiagnosed the problem as fear (it wasn't) or attention seeking (it wasn't) or trainers laughed at the thought of trying to help. Archer had been on anti-anxiety medication which did not help as the problem was not anxiety.

In one session and diligent follow up by the owners, Archer is now a more silent doggie who also greets people with less barking.


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An Update From Archer’s Parents

Hey Sue!

Hope all is well! Just wanted to follow up and let you know that Archer has been able to listen to a few songs now without crying. We are blown away! Not only that, but we also started leaving him in the bathroom to let him hear new visitors, and he has been much better greeting them. 

Seriously can not thank you enough. He's made more progress in the past month or so than he has in the past couple years. Wish we found you sooner!!!! (Did I tell you that the half dozen other trainers we reached out to all laughed at us when asking for help?? We had basically accepted our fate.)  

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Solomon, Becky, & Archer 

Sue Myles