Arthur - A (Former) Biting Dog

Meet Arthur- 


  It wasn't that Arthur was necessarily a "bad" dog - His own fear was simply misunderstood by his humans. After biting a neighbor, his family knew it was time to call a professional dog trainer.

     Together, with Arthur's parents, we worked through a 6 week program designed to not only help Arthur become less fearful, but also to help his family better understand how to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

Arthur's Parents Wrote-

We are so grateful to Sue. Our rescue dog Arthur bit the neighbor and broke skin. We were sure that we were going to have to return him or find him another home. Sue came to the house and spent a long time listening to us, observing Arthur and gave him some tests. She told us that he was not an aggressive dog but only scared and needing some training to make him more confident. We did a six week program with her and each session Arthur got better. Her methods were kind to him. We learned that the pinch collar was part of the problem and she taught us how to use a harness that was a lot more comfortable for him. Arthur can now walk in the neighborhood and not try to bark or bite people and we are very happy with the result. If it had not been for Sue we would never have known how to be better pet parents for him. Thank you Sue!!!!!!