Hogan - A (Former) Traumatized Rescue Dog

Meet Hogan


This sweet guy is a shining example of success! He started his first Companion Dogs group class completely shut down. With zero eye contact and his body completely rigid, Hogan was not happy to be there- to say the least. Fast forward to now and he's the star of the show! Hogan loves coming to learn-  he interacts with all his classmates and has graduated from my ELITE class.

Hogan, my boy, I am SO proud!

Hogan's Mom Wrote-

Sue is THE BEST!  We rescued Hogan from the streets of Downey. At Sue's first obedience class he sat with his jaws slammed shut with no eye contact.  He has now gone through 2 classes, an agility class and we have signed him up for the elite class - he gets so excited knowing where he is going and now raises his paw with tail wagging when he sees Sue.  He loves the interaction and learning new things. And her books are good reading and learning.
Thanks Sue!