Rescue Dog Rigatoni

In 2017 Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico
and blew Rigatoni to America.
Meet this happy girl as she acclimates to
a loving, stable home here in the US.


 An International Rescue group dedicated to saving dogs from natural disasters brought Rigatoni to safety. The group bathed, primped and primed her to meet potential owners at a rescue event. Only a pup, Rigatoni hoped today was her go-home day.


Her family spotted her and knew she was the one.


She started her training in Puppy class. Her first day she was so scared of other dogs she would not interact and barked in a scared voice. The other pups tried to reassure her that her troubles were over but Rigatoni wasn't ready to believe it.


After the second class she approached the other pups and introduced herself. The other puppy pupils were happy to welcome her.


Her next class, the Emergency Come When Called, taught her that no matter what the distraction, she was to run back to her humans. And she does.


She's as loved as a dog can be. We welcome you, our little International traveler, to America.

Sue Myles