From Gunner's Mom

We had Sue to our home recently for our wire fox terrier who has some aggression toward other dogs. She was incredibly helpful explaining his breed and how to help him while on walks and interacting with other dogs. In just a few days the positive and negative reward system has really helped Gunner to perform a lot better when he's out in public. Sue is extremely knowledgeable and it was well worth the money having her come out for a visit.

Meet Gunner

     Lots of dogs with a history of attacks from other dogs, lack of socialization or poor previous circumstances aren't able to join a 'regular' class just yet. They can't settle down and feel safe and comfortable around other dogs. These dogs cannot learn in class as they are thinking about the other dogs, not thinking about learning manners. Regular classes do not teach the special skills needed to re socialize and calm a nervous dog.

    To ensure safety for pets and people your dogs may be required to wear a basket mask. The ideal brand is the Baskerville. I call this tool a mask and not a muzzle as it is not painful, does not squeeze the dog's face and is treat friendly. You'll be able to reward your pet, with the basket mask on, with delicious treats as he learns to relax and be friendly.

    I do not use shock collar, choke chains or pinch collars in the Reactive Dog class. Most of the dogs enrolled are rescues and have endured plenty of abuse in the past. More abuse from collars that produce pain does not help.

     Baskerville muzzles are available on in all sizes.

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