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Meet Odin

Meet Odin the German Shepherd- a Companion Dog by Sue Myles certified Therapy Dog. Odin started training at ten weeks in Puppy class to start his journey to become a Therapy Dog. He's also a grad of two Family Pet classes, Fetch, Emergency Come When Called and Tracking. He's an all round beautifully trained dog with an absolute heart of gold.

Therapy Dog Training
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Upon completion of the
Therapy Dog class you receive

  • A Therapy Dog Certificate.

  • A Therapy Dog Badge.

  • A letter of introduction written personally for your dog to visit the site(s) of your choice.

  • A Canine Good Citizen Certificate (If your dog has not passed before class starts) The CGC is valued at 75.00

You can then take your Therapy Dog to any site you choose. If you want to join a pet therapy group you can, however, it is not mandatory. You are entitled to go anywhere you meet the site's requirements. The state of CA does not require you to be in a therapy group to share your pet's love.

FAQ’s About Therapy Dogs

Q. What is required of my dog to become a therapy dog?

A. Your dog must be well-mannered, well-behaved, and enjoy meeting new people. They must be properly trained and follow your commands both on leash and off.

Q. Does being a Therapy Dog offer any of the protections/benefits of being an Emotional Support Dog?

A. No, because your pet does not aid you with a specific disability or emotional need, your dog does not qualify for any of the protections offered under the Fair Housing Act or ADA Requirements and may be denied entry to private establishments.

What is a Therapy Dog?

A therapy dog’s job is to accompany their owner in volunteer settings- such as hospitals, schools, assisted living homes, and even court rooms! Together owner and therapy dog work as a team to bring a bit of happiness and puppy love to the lives of the people they visit.

What is an Emotional Support Animal? 

(ESA) Emotional Support Animals offer comfort to humans in need of emotional support under stressful situations. They are not Therapy or Service Dogs. They are specifically trained to be your emotional buffer.


Basic training that shows your dog can do on-leash sit, lie down, stay, and come.

*Two Family Pet classes & One Emergency Come When Called Class through Companion Dogs by Sue Myles.

If you think your dog is well trained enough to 'test out' of the pre requisites please email me at We can arrange a test to evaluate your dog. The test is 100.00 and does not guarantee placement in class.

 Training Will Cover-

  • Close work with people. Dogs need to be able to perform commands while in close proximity to others while maintaining focus on their work.

  • Introduction to erratic movements.

  •  Introduction to sudden and startling sounds, movements and hand motions from people.

  • Basic command work. Solidify your dog's training and basic command work.

  • Don’t Touch. Therapy Dogs must be foolproof to prevent grabbing food from hands, picking up dropped pills, investigating tubes and hoses.

  • Feet up. Therapy Dogs need to be touched by bed bound people.

  • Long stays. Five minute stays are required

  • No Licking. Therapy dogs cannot lick. This is a health hazard when working with immune compromised patients.

  • No Treats. Therapy Dog should be able to perform commands without treats. Petting and praise only.

  • Interactive Games to play with patients/clients. Nosework, What Color is that? Which hand. Other games as time allows

We will also cover your role as a Therapy Dog Handler and discuss topics like- 

  • Interaction with patients 

  • How to come into a room

  • How to start a conversation

  • The power of silence-when is talk too much?